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The Bell, the bell!!

For several years the tolling bell of St John’s has been silenced, as the weather of nearly seven decades at last took its toll on the exposed frame, and as you can see from the attached photograph, caused the mechanism which holds the bell and allows it to swing and in turn be struck to […]

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Zoom in to Junior Disciples on Sunday

Last Sunday we started our Junior Disciples session on Zoom for the first time.  For those of you with children or grandchildren who aren’t aware, Junior Disciples is our Sunday school for children over 7. Claudia Young and Fr Tom led the Zoom Junior Disciples and it all went very well: they talked about the […]

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I hope you can support us with a little which I promise you will mean a lot

Over the past couple of months we have been running a fundraising campaign to support St John’s as our income has slumped, like many other organizations and churches. Admittedly the campaign could have gone a little better, but that’s not the end of the world.  But within this campaign, we have experienced a dramatic decline […]

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Remembering Augusta Savage

Augusta Savage Presentation 20092020 It’s wonderful that our young people are engaging in our celebration of Black History.  At Mass on Sunday we remembered Harriet Tubman and this week with the help of Eden, we are remembering Augusta Savage.  I hope you can follow the link to Eden’s presentation above and marvel not only at […]

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Autumn 2020 Fundraiser

As we enter autumn the impact on the building through the change in weather doesn’t go unnoticed.  Gone are the sunny days of just a couple of weeks ago.  We’ve seen some change in a window by the tower which needs urgent and costly attention, the lights in the nave need some replacing as the gloom […]

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