Autumn 2020 Fundraiser

As we enter autumn the impact on the building through the change in weather doesn’t go unnoticed.  Gone are the sunny days of just a couple of weeks ago.  We’ve seen some change in a window by the tower which needs urgent and costly attention, the lights in the nave need some replacing as the gloom sets in and if you were in church on Sunday, you’ll notice that’s the chill of autumn has swiftly crept inside.

All of these things continue to cost us as a congregation to maintain St. John’s and keep it going.

During the Autumn we are hoping to raise £2,000 to help with some of these bills. Many of our hirers still haven’t returned to the hall so our income is dramatically reduced this year and we are relying on donations from the congregation to help make ends meet.  We still can’t have the collection plate go round on a Sunday and my hope is that as a community,  people including yourself will be generous in financially supporting St John’s.

This is the link to our fundraising page and I hope you might be able I contribute something so that we can keep the building safe and open: Lit and warm on Sunday’s when we’re at worship.

Please have a think and a pray and do what you can.

But, most importantly, make sure that you are not running up debts in your own life and household. If you are, ignore this campaign because your wellbeing is your first responsibility.


Fr John

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