Food and Environment

In collaboration with Crystal Palace Transition Town, St John’s works for a sustainable future, better nutrition, and greater appreciation of the natural environment.

The Meadow

IMG_0783Part of the grounds of St John’s has been developed into an allotment where we grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs. We call this area the Meadow. Members of the local community are invited to work on the meadow and to eat its produce. We hope to develop this area more—get in touch with Berni Excell ( if you want to get involved!

You are encouraged to visit the Meadow whenever you like, although at the moment it is more difficult to access because of the underpinning work. You will often find others there in the evenings watering, pottering, and drinking mint tea! There is always weeding and pruning to do and we are happy to give you information on suggested work to do for those who find it harder to know without guidance. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Food not Waste

IMG_0777Crystal Palace has an enormous number of restaurants and other food outlets, and consequently a huge quantity of food waste. Several times a year we have a meal made entirely out of surplus food collected from these food outlets, who are very generous in their support. We’re hoping to increase the frequency of these events, and dates for the New Year will be published soon.

Although not a Food not Waste event, you are very welcome to our Christmas Day community lunch. Once again, get in touch with Berni ( if you want to be involved!

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