Coronavirus Guidance

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, the Church of England has issued guidance for parishes:

This guidance is kept under review and will be updated.

Members of St John’s are asked to note the following in particular:

  • People who think they may have a serious infectious respiratory disease (e.g. flu) are asked not to come to church while they are ill.
  • People with coughs and sneezes are asked not to shake hands at the Peace, and at communion to receive only the bread.
  • Those involved with administering the bread at communion will use alcohol hand gel before doing so.
  • No one is permitted to dip their bread in the wine – if you do not wish to share the common cup, please receive the bread only.
  • No one is permitted to receive the bread on the tongue – it will be given into the hand only.

If the outbreak is declared a pandemic, this advice will change.

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