Debt Awareness Campaign – Interview with Mrs Making Do

We are launching our Debt Awareness Campaign at St John’s this week to help those in need during these difficult times we all find ourselves in. Debt is a very serious subject which can feel very lonely and frightening, so we want to try to gently tackle the taboo around not talking about it and be there for you to explore solutions that may work for your situation.

To show that saving money can be exciting and stylish and help save the planet too. We are kicking off the campaign with an interview with the incredible Emily Owen AKA Mrs Making Do discussing her commitment to slow fashion; a term you might not be familiar with until now….

So make a cup of tea, relax, click on the link below and be transported into the world of Mrs Making Do; she has some great tips she is eager to share with you all. Do also follow her at @mrs_makingdo on instagram.

Link to interview : ‘Interview with Mrs Make Do

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