Dispell the darkness and let us worship together on Advent Sunday

For the first time in the church’s history we will celebrate the beginning of the church year apart from each other.  Advent is a season like no other.  Filled with words of hope and encouragement, but also of warning.  It is the season for us to not only prepare for the coming of the Christ Child and the joy that will accompany his birth, but to reflect on what ‘God with us’ will mean for each of us.

How will we defend ourselves against our failings once God has truly inhabited the human experience and sees that there is an alternative in how we are?

How will we respond to his Kingdom, once he is born, and we stop talking about it, and start being part of God’s Kingdom?

This Sunday at 6pm join us live on-line (in real time) as we hear in word and music the prophecies and the promises of Old and meditate through the assistance of music and worship on the coming of Christ.

The service will be broadcast from St John’s and promises to be a beautiful offering which I hope will deepen us in faith and practice of faith.  So join us, carefully light a candle, dispell the darkness and let us worship together on Advent Sunday.

Fr John

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