Ecstatic Organ Recital by Christopher Herrick

What an ecstatic organ recital we heard performed by the renowned organist Christopher Herrick on the TC Lewis Organ of St John’s Upper Norwood last Thursday.

To a 60+ strong audience Christopher played the familiar pieces of Amazing Grace by Iain Farrington the epic Sonata on the 94th Psalm by Julius Reubke (which I tried to learn once upon a time – with no luck) a bit of Mozart and finishing with the Grand Offertoire in D major by Edouard Batiste making for us a tremendous evening.

The Instrument at St John’s never fails to impress. It is so wonderfully suited to the building and it continues to deliver new sounds and timbres as individuals come and share their talents with us in music making.  Christopher is still at the top of his craft and his warm introduction to the pieces and his other choral concerts in London that he’s involved with made the audience feel most welcome.

What has been lovely since the change in the lockdown regulations is that we have seen more families turn up to recitals and always there are new faces and conversations to be had.

The Organ recitals at St John’s not only present the Pipe Organ in a concert programme but also continue to gather many different and local music lovers, musicians and organ enthusiasts where after an hour of listening to fine music, we gather over an egg sandwich and glass of wine not only to express delight and thanks for what we have heard but look in on each other and see how we are all doing… a lovely time

Photo by Nathanael Gautschi

Organ Concerts 2022 ~ Thursdays at 7.30pm

15th September ~ Will Nicholson [Alston Moor]

13th October ~ Katy Silverman [St Mary’s Battersea]

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