High Mass for St Luke

18th October 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
High Mass for St Luke

Please do join us at 7.30pm on Monday, 18 October, to celebrate St Luke’s life and his Gospel with hymns and a short sermon as we think about our own service to God and to those around us.

St Luke is the author of the third Gospel and also, traditionally, of the Book of Acts.  The third Gospel is sometimes referred to as the Gospel of Social Justice – this is the narrative which reminds us of the many times Jesus told us that we have a responsibility towards those who have less than us; this is the Gospel which condemns the racism and discrimination of the time and shows us Jesus among lepers, Samaritans, women, the poor, treating them all as equals

Some scholars believe Luke was a physician and he is therefore recognised as the patron saint of doctors, surgeons – and butchers!  He is often represented with a bull or ox, a symbol of sacrifice and service.

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