High Mass for St Simon and St Jude

28th October 2022 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
High Mass for St Simon and St Jude

Please do join us at 7.30pm on 28 October to celebrate St Simon and St Jude, Apostles, with hymns and a short sermon as we think about how we might spread the word of God in our turn.

Little is known about either of these saints, apart from being referenced as Apostles in the New Testament.   St Simon is also known as Simon the Zealot – the Zealots being a sect representing the extremes of Jewish nationalism and many of whom might be compared to modern day terrorists, attacking and killing both foreigners and Jewish “collaborators”.  Once called by Jesus, Simon turned his zeal to better effect and, after Pentecost, went to preach in Egypt

St Jude is the author of a short Epistle, in which he stresses that the faithful must persevere in difficult circumstances.  He has sometimes been confused with Judas Iscariot which meant that some Christians would avoid praying to him other than in the last resort – hence he is invoked as the patron of lost causes.

According to legend, St Simon and St Jude were martyred together in Persia.

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