Let us pray for the liberation of all

As parliament votes today on our second lockdown, it looks as though many expected things planned for this time of year will either go ‘online’ or be deferred until next year or simply not happen.

When it comes to worship of course this will continue, but its public participation will be translated to online engagement.   I hope that though it is an imperfect offering online, because of you not being allowed to attend, you might still feel close to God and the community of faith over the coming weeks.

On Sunday, however, we offer our Act of Remembrance and on Wednesday following also.  This will continue and though we will be outside, and few in number, you are invited to ‘look in’ and share at St. John’s our thanksgiving for those who have given their life for our freedom and to pray for peace in the world.

In an age where authoritarianism is more prevalent within and between nations, let us pray for the liberation of all so that we can be free not only of the virus, but of the powers which bring division and hatred into our world.

We will provide more information over the next couple of days in response to what Government is allowed to do today and in turn, allows us to be during this next period of time.

Please keep well and safe,

Fr John.

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