St John’s at Pride

On Saturday 13th July fifteen of us from St John’s walked in the parade at Croydon Pride, and then were joined by a few more to enjoy the music and other entertainment at Wandle Park.

We joined a group from several churches walking under a ‘Christians at Pride’ banner, aiming to show that many Christians are in favour of full LGBT+ inclusion. Sandwiched between a group from the Civil Service and an LGBT rugby team, we made our way through the streets of Croydon, which were full of people – some who’d come to see the parade, and others who were just trying to do their shopping!

All who engaged with us seemed happy to find Christians joining in. One surprised shout of ‘Oh, friendly Christians!’ showed how important it is that we turn up and show that we do exist!

We’re hoping to go back next year, and will be encouraging more churches across Croydon to take part.

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