The Meadow at St John’s Upper Norwood

For many years the Meadow has been a place of welcome for the local community to come and enjoy the space, help grow vegetables and learn about the natural environment.

One of the marks of mission of the Church of England is: To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

In a small and local way we can do this at St John’s and invite the community to share in the intention to look after creation.  Over the years Helen and Jenny have tirelessly tended to the meadow with help from members of the congregation to keep on top of everything.


However, it’s a big site to manage as volunteers.  About a month ago Micky Posner with the help of Patsy Younger decided to take the brambles by the thorns and really tidy up the Meadow – removing tonnes of debris and plastic which had accumulated over the years.  The result of which is a much tidier and safer space for the church and community.

If you want to learn about growing vegetables and sustainability please email us at St John’s.   But please come and share in the space alongside St John’s we have left in this community (which isn’t being built on) – respect it as a space for all and enjoy the shade of the tree canopy which gives some much longed for protection against the Sun at this warm time.


Thank you to Micky, Patsy, Helen and Jenny and all who work the land to keep it good for nature and good for our enjoyment also.

Fr John

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