Weddings happen again at St John’s

It is a delight that Church weddings are allowed to happen again in the Church of England, and we at St John’s had our first wedding in the Church building last weekend.

Numbers are still restricted to 30 for public health reasons and though the service will look the same as usual, there are still restrictions on singing, and signing the registers.  Physical distancing and Public Health hygiene practices will be in place so that the ceremony is conducted in a safe way for those who attend.

Apart from the bride and groom, who join hands as an essential part of the marriage ceremony, a physical distance of 2 metres will be observed between individuals as far as is possible.

I suspect we might need to be a little more relaxed about the traditions so often associated with Weddings.  For example, if the bride is to be ‘walked down the aisle’ she should only be accompanied by a member of her household, while bridesmaids should be careful to observe physical distancing unless also from the same household.

Guidance suggests that large receptions should not take place after the marriage ceremony. Small celebrations should only take place if physical distancing and Public Health hygiene guidelines can be observed.

If you are thinking about getting married this year or next, please be in touch with me, to arrange an informal conversation about being married at St John’s.  I hope very much we will be able to assist you in getting married at Church, and would encourage you to be in touch.

Fr. John

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