Special Services

As well as our regular services, we also hold services for special occasions. All of these can be found in the Calendar.


On major holy days that fall during the week, we usually have a High Mass at 8pm (except on Saturdays, when the usual morning Mass is celebrated as a High Mass). In the next few months these are as follows:

  • Barnabas the Apostle on Monday 12 June (Mass at 12 noon)
  • Corpus Christi on Thursday 15 June
  • Peter and Paul, Apostles, on Thursday 29 June
  • Thomas the Apostle on Monday 3 July (Mass at 9.30am)
  • Mary Magdalene on Saturday 22 July (Mass at 10am)
  • James the Apostle on Tuesday 25 July
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary on Tuesday 15 August (with choir)

The Transfiguration of Our Lord will be celebrated on Sunday 6 August with the usual Sunday services.

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